My Mission

I follow the calling to share my wisdom, message and music with the seekers of this world. I help them discover their higher self so they can live a life with purpose, inspiration, love and abundance.

The four Pillars

Purpose: The reason why we exist 

Inspiration: In Spirit (recognizing the Spirit within)

Love: Love is the highest vibrational energy

Abundance: Bountifulness of Life.

If we live with Purpose, are inspired (aligned with Spirit) and vibrating in one of the highest energies: Love, we will experience a blissful and prosperous life.


Born and raised in Hamburg, Germany, Sabine Kvenberg, is an Entrepreneur, Business Owner, Author, Singer/Songwriter, Coach and Inspirational Speaker. She has appeared on European stages and TV as both an Actress and a Musical Performer. In 1994 she relocated to the United States, where she established M&S Studio, a Performing Arts School in Virginia that she still owns and operates.

She authored two books “Secrets On How To Succeed In Showbiz”., A Practical Workbook for The Future Star and “Unlock Your Full Potential”, 10 Easy Steps That Help You Live The Life You Imagine.

Sabine is a Distinguished Toastmaster and has received several communication and leadership awards from Toastmasters International. She is passionate about helping Entrepreneurs reach the next level of success in their business and personal lives. For the past years she has been coaching and speaking for groups and organizations across the United States sharing her message and inspirational music.